Effect Pedal of the Year 2017


The new Regan Fuzz with artwork by Alex Fine Illustration.

3 knob controls (volume, tone, gain) allow you to dial in everything from a dirty boost, to distortion, to thick fuzz!

The Reagan fuzz is based of the “Civil War” Version of the big muff.
It has all the classic sound but with with some modern upgrades. Including new components, 9v plug (standard 2.1mm), and true bypass switching.

Original illustration by Baltimore based artist Alex Fine.

The Keyboard Room


All of the keyboards are running through a mixer live with effects, looper and recorder attached. Great for idea generation and loop builds.  This room has the following listed keyboards.  Yamaha SY-22, Yamaha DS-55, Roland D-50, Ensoniq ESQ-1, Korg DW-8000, Akai AX-80 & Oberheim OB-12.  Effects modules are Yamaha PSE 40X double unit, Multiple Rackmount Effects plus three other custom stomp box pedal effects boards.  PA Sound is 900W through 4-15″ woofer box enclosures with horns.  A Marantz Solid State recorder is connected.