Stereo Rackmount Mixers

For this setup I ran all the 16 synth’s into two 8 channel stereo mixers using 2 16ch snakes. I took the stereo mixes of each rack mixer and ran them into 2 stereo channels on the main mixer. Using the mute buttons I can easily select which synths to blend for unique single tracking sounds. This is helpful if you don’t have 32 available inputs for all your synths. During Installation custom ears were made to double mount the two mixers on the underside of this table becoming part of the main mixer sub mix controls.


Setting up Patch Bays Routing Configurations

Wiring all of your devices accessible in the signal line can be daunting if you don’t use patch bays. Whenever a larger number of devices are present patch bays help simplify. Wire every device and connection to your patch bay, IN’s and OUT’s. Using small patch cables you choose which effect, synth or keyboard to run. Here are some useful images to understand the different arrangements a patch bay may be configured. If you wondering which one to get, buy a full TRS patch bay with selectable routing on the front.