Alternative Pedal Board Shapes & Layouts

V design with double Classic Cry Baby Wah. The Wah on the left has been modified to incorporate a front facing “kick on” switch. It engages a Dunlop Power Booster that has been inserted into the shell. Volume to boost is on the bottom left of pedal. Stereo chain from distortion to out through. The custom pedal on the left is a 5pin xlr input box for controlling an Ampeg V-7 (CH1, CH2 & Reverb). This box has been simplified for head distortion control only. The version with all three uses the same box but has 2 buttons on top pan L/R & 1 “front kick” placement switch. (From L to R) V7 controller, Digital Reverb RV-7, Digital Delay DD-3, Digital Metal MZ-2, Dunlop Cry Baby X2, Power Pad II, Phase Shifter PH-3, Flanger BF-2, Chromatic Tuner TU-2 on .5″ Plywood Custom Board.

Pedal Board shapes should vary based on your live performances and comfortable stance. Try to think about where the microphone stand would sit if you play effects and sing. From those ideas sketch out your shape on a blank board and cut/paint/finish.