TC Electronic Ditto Looper MOD

I created this simple mod to easily use all of the functionality of this great stereo looper pedal Ditto. I found that fat footswitches improve accuracy and help simplify control.


I wired this unit using a 5 pin din connection. Now a standard midi cable will make the connection at any length needed. Disassemble the unit and prepare the wire connection. You will need 2 wires from the footswitch and 3 wires from the toggle switch.


Run the wires to the battery compartment.  There is enough room here to mount a female 5 pin din connection. I separated the two switches to have all there channels on separate plugs. Cut all terminals to half length.


The footswitch is a metal can USB design. I removed the circuit board and wires and used the limit switches inside the pedals to operate at normally open.  When they press it will close the circuit to engage the switch function on the Ditto. The Black cable pin 1 to the footswitch was used as common and jumped between pedal Store & Backing Track. The controls on the Ditto still function normally. Female 5 pin din mounts on the inside and screws fasten from the outside.


2 thoughts on “TC Electronic Ditto Looper MOD”

  1. Brilliant ! I’ve been hoping someone would come up with a mod for the Ditto… I’m going to try your mod – one question though. Does your mod allow for a single tap, to stop loop playback ? (versus the double tap with the un modded unit) ?

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